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Why Choose RONBEN 

Right people, Right product, Right price;

Cost-effective export infrastructure and total supply chain management;

Company-wide customer awareness.

We Are Not Just Another Manufacturer

At RONBEN, we believe that we are not just one more manufacturer in China. We are not just another assembly factory to trade the components from our material vendors, simply screw-and-pack the components into finish. Instead, we help our customers to find or develop the best materials & components for their order requirements.

We never compromise with materials validation and quality control from stratch to finish. From the production materials even a single resistor on the PCB board or a single cable, to software functions and aging test, we check all the components and every possible performance of our products.  With every single product we assemble, we make sure there is no mistake. If our products are proven to be defective, we would take full responsibility and make effective actions.

Right People, Right Product, Right Price

At RONBEN, the key to our success is the team. We have a team made up of "A" players who have a passion for doing something great. We only hire the right people who are realistic and honest to work well together.

Our dynamic team of specialists comprise engineers, executives who have solid working experience in solution design houses and chip makers. Our professionals know how to fulfill the customized requirements of the buyers, how to leverage the supply chain for competitive advantage.

With rich pool of creative minds, we manage to lead in the technology curve and to achieve new price points ahead of other competitors. While a  developed "company-wide customer awareness " facilitates us to make and offer right products only,  the product must conform to the customer's needs first, otherwise, even if other factors such as price, packaging, design are the best, the product means possible market risk for the customers finally.

Cost-Effective Export Infrastructure & Productive System

At RONBEN, We are always optimizing the export infrastructure to make it the most cost-effective.

We have licensed duty-free certificate to import key components such as LCD panel, chips at VAT-free price from Hong Kong.

We have our own in-house lead-free SMT machines to make PCBA by ourselves. For some models, we have exclusive ownership in tooling, qualified PCBA, customized software.

We have cloud-based project processing system, either on PC or on smartphones to make every related person instantly informed of the latest update, problem, knowledge base for the on-going projects.

Our choice of business partnership, are not primarily based on order quantity but also in terms of shared visions, business-value,l ong term growth and profitability for both parties.

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