How do you view the application of handheld terminals in manufacturing?

In recent years, my country's labor costs have continued to increase,
and the demand for customization of small batches and multiple batches has gradually become a trend. More and more manufacturing companies are seeking informatization and digital transformation to achieve refined management.
The emergence of handheld terminals enables manufacturing companies to intelligently manage every link from raw material procurement, production line scheduling,
production process connection to order distribution, inventory management, and product transportation. 

Today, the editor of Speedito will take the inventory management link as an example to see how the handheld terminal is applied in the manufacturing industry and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Inventory management is a very important part of enterprise management.
In view of the large quantity, variety and long service life of spare parts in the manufacturing industry, inventory management is very difficult.
The way of manual data entry is slow, error-prone, low-efficiency,
and there may be a serious disconnect between actual inventory and accounting information, which is difficult to meet the modern management needs of enterprises. 1. Solutions

Use barcode technology to mark the spare parts in the inventory one by one,
scan the barcode of the spare parts through the handheld terminal and enter relevant information (inbound, outbound, usage status, storage location, etc.),
and transmit them to the inventory management system in real time.
Business managers can monitor inventory information in real time through the inventory management system.